Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Discovery and Some Ponderings

Nope, no photos today, but soon. I'm working in the Dining Room, getting some things done before I have to attach the back wall and won't be able to reach inside, just as I had to do with the Parlor. I'm building the fireplace that will go on the inner wall and I'm actually using the one provided with the Garfield kit, though I'm adapting it to fit my whims. One of those whims was to find a marble printie to match the colors already in the trim on the floor. I found a beautiful Tennessee rose marble and, since I was born in Tennessee on this very day 59 years ago, I thought it would be appropriate. ( Yeah, yeah, it's my birthday, but that's not what this is about. ) I printed out the photo and was not happy with it. Since I just installed the photo printer to my computer, I sent the photo to that and got a picture that looks just like marble should, with the glossy look that is very lifelike. I feel like I just opened a new world for myself. Who knew??!! Anyway, that will be seen very soon here and, believe me, I'm pretty excited about it. Try it!! You'll like it.

The ponderings come from a friend of mine, who found a little chair at the Dollar Store and brought it to me to use. I hated to hurt her feelings, but it was only 2" real life, just 2 ' and not the right scale for my house, since there will be no child things in it. She did understand, but commented on how "picky" I can get about this Garfield. She's right, I AM picky, but I want it to be as close to perfect as it can be. I spend extra time on things like sanding, to assure no splinters; I don't install anything until I've looked at it long and hard; I'm a stickler for proportion; I worry over seams and cracks.

I've watched too many people hurry through building something, even saying it "only took a short time" to finish it. Usually, it shows, because their speed made it look a bit sloppy. Roughness in wood does show, no matter what's used to cover it, paint or stain. Using something not in scale makes the article look unreal and out of place. This marble I found has a vein that I'll have to avoid, as it's too large for 1:12 scale. Crown moulding and I have fights every time at the mitre point and I've wasted plenty a crown by it not looking neat.

Sorry, I don't mean to go off the wall there, but I'm pouring my heart into the Garfield and I am taking my time so that she will look the fine lady she's intended to be....Victorian Grace.

One more's raining here, a gentle and soaking rain that is restoring life to many things outdoors. It's literally saving a few lives in my own garden. But, it makes me think of those in the Gulf area and I pray that disaster is escaped with this Hurricane Gustav that threatens the area. I have family in Florida and Alabama and am so thankful they are safe from the horrors, though they will get some rain and wind. The misery of Katrina should never have to be repeated. ( As a side and happier note to that, my grandson, Mark, earned his Boy Scout Eagle Badge at the age of just 14 by helping families rebuild their households from that awful event. ) I hope all will be safe.

Enough........thank you for humoring me today and allowing me to think at you.