Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back to Hobby Lobby

I made a second run on minis at Hobby Lobby on Thursday. It seemed like no one else had been there since my first visit on Monday. I bought all the little books, with intentions of changing their jackets to become "classics", grabbed some more baseboard and crown mouldings, and the last of the candle sticks.

Today, being Saturday, is the last day of their minis on sale and I'll make one more stop and grab everything left that striles my fancy. I'm hoping that last pack of wood floor planking is still there and some of the wall sconces.

Where are the mini people in my area?? Certainly not at Hobby Lobby. Today, when I make my final sweep through the minis, I will be greedy. I can't pass up such a good deal. Hobby Lobby doesn't offer sales on minis all that often, so, while everyone else is buying Christmas items, I'll be in the mini section cleaning them out. I'm ruthless............