Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Progress !! One Wall of Siding Finished!!

It's taken longer than I expected to do one wall of siding, but I haven't worked any long periods of time on the wall. I'd glue a piece on and walk away for a while, come back, slap a piece up, and walk away again.
It took about 1/2 package of the siding to do this wall. It is the outer side of the Parlor. I didn't measure the distances of each piece, just simply glued it slightly over the top edge of the piece below. I DID use a level to make sure it was straight.....I seemed to have a good eye about that; usually, I was dead on level. This wall was really very simple to do, even working around the windows. Slowly, the side was covered and I am pleased with it. Eventually, when all the siding is complete, I will paint it a tan color, not chosen yet. As there are fireplaces on the other side of this wall, I will build a chimney of the same riverstone that I'm going to use for the foundation and the tower.
I will turn the house today facing front and do some thinking before I start that wall. I will need to work around the tower, one window, and the front door, plus I'll have to be sure to allow for the porch roof openings. I need to be sure of my plan for the wall. I'm thinking- first, siding all around, come back, lay the front porch floor planking, do the stonework until I reach the porch roof, add the roof, then finish going up the tower wall. I need to be sure before I make a move. I hate having to undo something and undoing any of these things would be messy and very frustrating. I won't start for a few days on the front...I have a list of real life to work on before I make a move, which will give me time to think of my plans.