Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back to Hobby Lobby

I made a second run on minis at Hobby Lobby on Thursday. It seemed like no one else had been there since my first visit on Monday. I bought all the little books, with intentions of changing their jackets to become "classics", grabbed some more baseboard and crown mouldings, and the last of the candle sticks.

Today, being Saturday, is the last day of their minis on sale and I'll make one more stop and grab everything left that striles my fancy. I'm hoping that last pack of wood floor planking is still there and some of the wall sconces.

Where are the mini people in my area?? Certainly not at Hobby Lobby. Today, when I make my final sweep through the minis, I will be greedy. I can't pass up such a good deal. Hobby Lobby doesn't offer sales on minis all that often, so, while everyone else is buying Christmas items, I'll be in the mini section cleaning them out. I'm ruthless............

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun At Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is having 50% off dollhouse miniatures this week and I was at the door at 0900 ready to get as much as I could. There were no other customers in the miniatures department or I might have shared, but, since I was alone, I went nuts.

I bought several different light fixtures, some trim pieces, spindles, candles, wall sconces, books, the white china ( I'll paint designs on those ), floor planking, cakes, mirrors, and I can't remember it all. Total was $75 at the discounted price.

But, since I'm not working on the house right now and all my toys and tools are put up, I had to just leave them in the bag and will open after New Year's.

So, today, instead of working in the dollhouse, I'm making pumpkin bread...working on loaves 5 and 6 right now.

I may go back later in the week and see if they restocked....hope so.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tons ? of Trim!!!

I've spent the last few weeks on trim, trim, and trim. I had to wait a couple of weeks for Hobby Lobby to restock their baseboard and all they stocked were 2 packs, which I scarfed up.
There is so much work to do still, plus some fixes of things gone wrong. Somehow, water dripped down the Parlor wall, a "printie" which now I have to remove and repaper. Lots of those nasty words said there. It's hard to believe that with all that's been done on The Garfield, I am only halfway there. I plan on a stone look on the exterior tower with siding everywhere else. There is, of course, roofing and porch to do. I want plank flooring for the porch and stone look around the foundation.
Most of the crown moulding has to wait until the roof is added and fills in those gaps. I need to add trim around the ceiling of the staircase openings to give a cleaner look. I want, I want, I want.
But it's all going to have to wait now until after Christmas. That's right...I'm packing it up so that I can have some room to work during the holidays. I have all those things everyone has at Christmas to do and the dollhouse hours would eat that away. I'll be throwing a light sheet over the house to keep out the dust. I do have a small box of wood that I can work on if I like..sanding, mostly. I also have a list of "quick fix me" things that won't take a lot of time or attention if the bug hits me.Everything else is sorted out, reorganized and packed up until I finish with the Holiday.
I am loving this house so very much and every day is a new adventure. I have pages and pages of want to do's that grows and grows whenever I look at it. I still count my lucky stars for finding this jewel at Goodwill for only $40.
I doubt there'll be much to talk about while the house is "on Holiday", but I will add to the blog if something pops up. I'll let you know if there's anything worthy of being said and, of course, when I get back to work on it in January.
Until then, enjoy the Holidays with all your hearts. Act like a kid again and play with your toys and read Holiday stories.