Friday, October 24, 2008

Suddenly, It Looks Like a House

What a difference a floor makes! It looks like a house now. Note that when I edit the photos and change the balance, the colors change a bit. The Master bedroom is coral, not orange, and the second bedroom is a true yellow.
There are a million things to do here, as expected. I need to spackle some rough edges, fill in some gaps, add another small wall between the 2 bedrooms, and lots of trim. I'm letting it sit glued as you see it until tomorrow to insure the the glue holds fast, then to work I go.
Oh, I think it look so beautiful and, again, I find myself just sitting there looking and writing down chores and notes so I won't forget my ideas.
I will first complete the hallway. I need to finish the wallpaper, install the French doors, the bay window, 2 doors and transoms, and add the crown and baseboard.There will be "L" trim pieces at the base of the center walls that will overlap onto the ceiling below. It'll clean up the transition look.
In the Master, add the partition between it and the other bedroom, more papering and painting, the window seat, the fireplace, and the crown and baseboard. There's also a small spot on the floor that needs satin......I'd removed the wall there and haven't filled it in yet. And, in the second bedroom, there is more papering and painting, the fireplace, and the crown, and baseboard.
As I've said all along, I've felt like I've build this from the inside out. There have been so many tricky spots, corners, nooks, curves, and hidden places that building the whole house as designed and then decorating would have been terribly frustrating. Those of you who've built ahead of me know what I mean and those behind me, be warned. It's a puzzle to say it lightly.
I'm leaving the blog until Monday when I'm sure I'll have had tons of things completed by then. There's a pile of trim on my worktable I'm sanding and about to stain and a long list of "to do's". So, I'll turn this chair around 180 degrees and get to work.