Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The First Level Floor

Hi, there are only 3 photos that would be of interest and even those are not so exciting...I omitted those of the house in the box and pieces lying out being stained...those will be going into a scrapbook. Anyway, this is the progress so far. No, the stairway is not attached yet, just testing. The floor is a herringbone patterned paper that was varnished with 4 coats for a high sheen. Now mine sits on hold, as I'm working in my real living room, cleaning, packing, getting ready for my floors to be sanded and varnished and the walls to be painted. It'll be at least a month before I return to Garfield. Kathy

The Garfield Kit

The Garfield is the largest model that Greenleaf makes and is surely one of the most impressive dollhouses to be found anywhere. This mansion has seven peaks, as well as a full wrap-around porch, two balconies, and two bay windows. It flaunts ten large rooms; in addition to the corner opening there is a removable roof section and a lift-off turret atop the secret tower chamber. With its wonderful gingerbread trim and lovely detail, the Garfield is magnificent!