Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Little More Siding

Putting up the siding is an easy task, but not the least bit exciting. The photo is of the front porch, front door, and tower. The height it's at right now is as high as I can go before I put on the porch roof. I'm only halfway finished, then will turn my attention to the porch, adding a plank floor, and on the tower, stonework all the way up My heart says I'll be done with the siding this weekend: my fingers ask "Who am I kidding?" I need to rummage around in my box of "Gonna Do's" and find my front trim, the planks, the riverstones. Good grief! I thought I said I was organized!!! I love this house! I'm so sad that lately is been a big sigh instead of something more enthusiastic.


Oh, my goodness..all the positive re-enforcement a girl could need. More than a dozen of you have said such sweet things. Thank you so much. Your nudge has done the trick. And, the weather, Springlike, but not quite there, is perking me up some. My crocus are blooming, the mini daffies are in bloom, and the standard daffies are almost there.

Well, HiHo, HiHo.