Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Past Week Off

My week off from the dollhouse and working in the garden has come to an end. Tomorrow, I get back into high gear in the Garfield. It's been pretty good timing, too. We're starting to get rain and that would keep me inside anyway.

I've got a lot of work done out there..lots of daffodils planted, some pentstemon, a butterfly bush, transplanted some things, cleaned out the garden shed, threw down dirt into the stepping stone path, cleaned all the hummer feeders, scrubbed the garden ornaments, cleaned and oiled my tools, blah,blah, blah.

I haven't been completely idle with the dollhouse and have some nice things to show you tomorrow when I start back "officially". I'm rather proud of myself.

My sincerest sympathies to Wanna, who lost her sister, and Judy, who lost her Zebadiah, her 13 yr old friendly? feline. Both losses are tremendous to your hearts and I know the pain you must feel. I will not tell you how it will get easier, but I will say I know they still love you and they never go away. Bless your hearts.

The aspens are yellow yellow against the dark green of the pines. Colorado is beautiful this time of year and I'm going out for a drive in it, even in the sprinkling rain. Cedarfest is up the mountain and I plan on buying some apples.

Tomorrow, I'll be back at home in The Garfield.