Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A New Challenge=A Happy Memory

I've come to realize that crafty people are always up to something. Today, it's Tiffany, at She's chosen me and some other bloggers to a photo challenge. I'm supposed to take the 4th photo from the 4th file in my computer, show it, say something about, then pass the challenge to four different bloggers. This one is a joy to do.

The photo is an old, old chair...older than I am...60 plus I don't know how many years. The old chair currently sits in my sister's livingroom. This old chair has been recovered a few times but I always see it's original covering...a green vinyl that had seen better days. This old chair first belonged to my parents. As children, my sisters and I rode this as a horse and it went by different horsey names, took us for miles of rides across our imagination, both as a saddlehorse and hitched to a wagon. We used it as a gymnastic horse and jumped our way winning in the Olympics. If it was placed just right with other pieces of furniture, we could jump from furniture to furniture and never touch the floor. I also remember sitting a few timeouts in it, only they weren't called "timeouts", they were "sit there and don't say a word until you think about it"......"it" was any stupid thing I did wrong.

The name of the file that this old chair's photo is "Furniture inspirations". I intend on making a replica of this old chair, just as I did the twin beds my sisters and I slept in and a humidor chest that had been my Granny's.

So, that's the tale of the old chair. Now it is my turn to pass it on and, as usual, I can't seem to manage see, after checking a few blogs to see if they've "been there, done that", I see that they have in one form or another, and hitting them again takes the fun away and it becomes more work, for them and for me. So, Tiffany, I've failed on my challenge but had so many happy thoughts about the old chair.

WHOA! Nellie!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pay It Forward

Several months ago, I responded to a fun game in Maia Bisson's delightful blog ( ) called Pay It Forward. The object is to send a mini-something to the first five people who respond to the offer written in their own blogs. Then, those five people make the same offer in their blog and on and on and on.

I think I was the first one to respond to Maia's offer, by a lucky chance. From her, I received a "cross stitch" book mark and a photo album. At present, they are in my Alison Jr., but are intended for the Garfield when I get it completed.It is now my turn to make the offer.

This is how it works:
For the first five people who respond to this post, I will make a small gift and send it to you. This will be a 1/12 scale miniature gift which I will attempt to tailor, in some way, to the people who respond.
There are a few limitations:
1. Until it arrives at your doorstep you will not know what it is.
2. They will arrive by the middle of October.
3. I will make something lightweight and not bulky to facilitate packaging and mailing. Where’s the catch? You must make the same offer on your blog."

Simple, yes? The rules were cut and pasted from Maia's offer. The only change is the month. The hardest part is the wait, wondering what it'll be and when will it arrive.

So, folks....want to play?