Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Garfield Kit

The Garfield is the largest model that Greenleaf makes and is surely one of the most impressive dollhouses to be found anywhere. This mansion has seven peaks, as well as a full wrap-around porch, two balconies, and two bay windows. It flaunts ten large rooms; in addition to the corner opening there is a removable roof section and a lift-off turret atop the secret tower chamber. With its wonderful gingerbread trim and lovely detail, the Garfield is magnificent!


Tiff said...

The stairs looks great! What did you do??

Kathy Calhoun said...

In the chapter marked "First Level Floor" are the stairs that I've done for the my house. After hours of sanding, I stained every piece with Varathane's "Cabernet" stain..there were 2 coats initially. Then I put all the pieces together, dry fitting and tweaking as I went from piece to piece. When the entire set was done, I put on one more coat of the stain. After drying, I applied 2 coats of Bullseye shellac. I will be applying baseboards all around and when the time comes, I'll install the staircase, but I don't plan to glue it down. It fits neatly in the slots provided without showing the gaps. By not gluing it down, I'll be able to move it if necessary. I've tried it already and it works great.