Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Dining Room Bay Plus Stuff

This is the printie wallpaper I am tossing around in my head to use for the 2nd floor hallway. I'm considering having it cover the bottom half of the wall with the fairly dark tone of the baby blue used in the Parlor tower on the top half of the wall. There would be a 1/2 " wide chair rail between it and the paint line. Remember that I have a baby blue carpet runner on the staircase and it will run the 2nd floor hallway, too. PLEASE tell me what you think. I want it, I really, really do, but I have still not convinced myself that it'll work. You won't make me mad if you don't like it.

No need for other photos...nothing exciting to see. I have one side and the center of the bay window glued in and spackled. I'll sand and paint those after the spackle dries well, inside and out, and will start a bit of the fabric trim. I'm working on the pieces for the window seat that I'll install and then add the final side piece to the bay. Not putting that last side in until last will give me some room to maneuver around in there. The space is smaller than my hand and, as I've said before, quite awkward.

While I had the spackling out, I also filled in the holes where the floors meet the walls on the exterior to assure a smooth outside wall. It's not necessary inside, as the trim pieces will cover those gaps. And, while I am waiting for the spackle to dry...I wait longer than I think necessary sometimes to be sure... I'm working on those never ending pieces of trim in the Dining Room and Library.

The library has 2 steps down from the room before it. In the company's master plan, they are simple steps. Since I've not let anything be simple up to this point and am always changing something, I've decided that these steps need to be a bit more elaborate that provided. I'm going to fashion a small landing with railing and banister, so when you come from that front room, you'll take 1 small step down onto the landing, hang a short left and come down another step. I think it'll add a bit of grace to the entrance into the room and won't look as hazardous as the simple steps appear.

Not much else going on in there. I have some new plants I must get it that I bought on my day with Melissa and some bulbs to plant on a kitty grave. There are some other outdoor chores that must!!! be done now. Autumn is moving in and there's no time left to procrastinate. Today is "Color Sunday" in the mountains of Colorado. While not in full color yet, the aspens are turning their golden yellow and it's something to be marveled over, even if by only a photo.


Anne Gerdes said...

I love the paper, Kathy! Maybe instead of painting the upper half of the walls baby blue, you should go with the tan or bronze shade. That way, you won't have too much of the blue, since the runner is that color. Just a thought.

Kathy Calhoun said...

Oh, Anne, I feel so "DUH". That is exactly what my problem has been and I feel stupid for not even thinking of that. I do have the perfect tan and I have some bronze. I think I'll make a project board with all the different paint combinations and see what looks right. You gave me a good kick!! THANK YOU!!! I don't know where my head was, but you sure helped pull it out.I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate your suggestion!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the paper. Whether you choose to paint the upper walls blue or tan or bronze I think depends on what you like the best. If you are a "blue" person, then blue. If not, another color in the wallpaper. Enjoy.
Marjorie W.

Dolores said...

Kathy, Your choice of paper is great, I love it! I do agree with Anne Gerdes and I would go for the tan/brown/bronze. I feel the paper is very bold and baby blue is too soft. You might also look for a bolder blue "cadet" blue.

You must be so very proud of your house....... GREAT WORK!

Kathy Calhoun said...

I cannot thank you ladies enough for your imput. I surely needed it. I've made a board with the wallpaper and 5 different paint colors on it to stare at for a day or so. Your suggestions have been such a big help.

The blue is like a darker French country blue, 2 tans, terra cotta, and far, the blue is winning.

Ya'll are so sweet to help.