Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Walls, Doors, Walls, Part 2

I have succeeded in ripping this Garfield new ones....walls and door frames, that is. The original doors were about 2" wide, not enough for any good sized resident to get through comfortably. They now are Houseworks door suitable, after doing a lot of trimming. I did have to trim some of the casings too, to make it all work, but it'll look just fine. I don't know if you can tell, but in the 4th photo, the light shines on a wall that is behind the door. That's the wall in the master bedroom I was telling you about that gets walked slap into when you go in the door. It's about 1 1/2" behind that door and you'd have had to make an immediate left turn to enter into the bedroom proper. The wall extends up into the 3rd floor tower and is essential up there, but not for the second floor. I will have to assure good glue contact between it on the 3rd floor to maintain the structure of the tower. .....it'll be out of there as soon as Ed wakes up and I can make a lot of noise sawing. ( It's only 6am and he's in the room next door. SSSHHH ) Yes, there is a space empty over each door. I will make frames for transom windows there for each, though the plans only called for one.
I am now free to stain those doors, after a little more cleanup sanding, and paper those walls. I have to decide which paper I want.....one is a printie, the other is paintable wallpaper that Kim Hammond sent me. I will be complimenting the baby blue carpet runner on the stairs and what is yet unlaid on the hallway floors with whatever my choices become.
Oh, there WILL be a trim around the rims of the stairwells, both on the ceilings and the floors to cover up the rough/mixed colored/material edges. That's still a long way from now. I've got to get it right first before I decide what needs to be hidden.
Doing these walls was very frustrating and hard work, but I am so-o-o pleased that I made those changes. The originals just didn't make sense to me. I've tried to look at it from the prospective that real people live there and need to be comfortable. Leaving the Master bedroom as it was originally planned would have many a person say a few unkind words and maybe even cause an injury. It's all safe and logical now.


smehreen said...


I stand in awe of the work you did bashing the second floor! The more I read your blog, the more I wish I hadn't taken the lazy way out :D

I stuck with the original doors from the Kit. I might even leave them doorless...maybe have beaded curtains or something as partition. Since I am not decorating the house in true Victorian style, and bringing in a lot of Asian elements, I hope I might be excused a bit of eccentricity :D

Kathy Calhoun said...

"Bashing" IS the key word here, other than "dearest"...I slammed and banged, sawed and sliced with these walls, bringing out the nasty mouthed side of my personality at times. ;)

Beaded or fabric curtains would be wonderful....I'm considering some in addition to the doors in a few places, plus those at the window sites. Sumaiya, you are doing a beautiful job with the ambience of your Garfield.

No need to be excused for eccentricity...that's what be eccentric is all about.

Did I tell you that your Medusa photo, the one where she's facing left towards the tree is my computer's wallpaper? She has this girl mesmerized!!!