Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Week Off

This will be a tough one, but I've decided I need to take a week off from the Garfield Manor to do some work around the house and garden. This is the perfect time for me to cut back some plants, divide and transplant, and to purchase and plant new things. I need to amend the soil from the good compost pile and remove completely some things that just don't work. The garden centers are having sales and good deals are everywhere, plus, my buddy, Melissa, has a bundle of things to pass on to me. I can't play house and happy gardener at the same time....either one, I'll get carried away and will ignore the other. I don't understand or practice "moderation". As Annie Oakley says, " With me, it's all or nuttin' ".

Oh, I know, I'll sneak in here at night and diddle around with something about the dollhouse, but, it won't be worth discussing. I won't say that I'll avoid posting anything here either, but don't expect too much.

It's going to be difficult for me, I know, as I so love working on this beauty and don't want her to feel neglected. But, I love my garden and it DOES feel neglected, so I need to make up for that.

Bear with me, please, it won't be long.


smehreen said...

have fun gardening my dear! :D meanwhile I'll be working on indoor trims, bay windows, etc, while I ponder the fate of the roof.

Kathy Calhoun said...

True to my words, I've just spent the last 3 hours pruning down plants past their prime, losing their color, needing a major haircut. They are on their way to a good winter's rest. I made some room to transplant 2 peonies and am now watering the soil they will move to deeply, to make the digging of holes easier.

Ah, the pondering of the roof. I know the feeling and have the same questions of what to do, but, thankfully, it is stil a thing for the far future. Do you have an idea? I'm leaning towards the shingles on a roll, but love the look of shake shingles too. I'll go look at Victorian house sites when the time nears to see what best fits.

There are just so many things to do with our dear Garfields and even more choices of how to do them. It's a wonder our minds can hold all the information. I love a good fantasy and this one beats them all.

Take care, my precious friend, and enjoy your growing dream.