Saturday, October 18, 2008

The 2nd Floor Hallway

This is a shot of the bay window in the 2nd floor hallway. It's not finished, no trim or anything, and it's just sitting there, not glued it. It's supposed to be left removable; I'm considering making it permanent. That decision is down the road.
The inside of the bay is painted the same "Expressions" blue as the walls. The wooden trim pieces on the bottom are punched out pieces from the railing and will carry the design in the staircase through the hall. There will be a cushion there for comfort.
I did have the ceiling/3rd story floor ready, but my cat, Aimee, used it as a scratching post and ruined the ceiling. Yes, she's still alive, but I haven't seen her close to me for a while. She knows she's in trouble. I've decided, instead of trying the paintable paper again that I'd just spray it with a textured paint and that's complete. In doing do, some of the paint got underneath and damaged the completed 3rd story floor. BIG SIGH HERE. So, I cleaned it off with denatured alcohol, added another coat of the Cabernet stain, and 2 more coats of the varnish mix..50/50 denatured alcohol/Bullseye shellac. So, keep laughing, some of the stain seeped through to the ceiling side and I'll have to touch that up...actually, that doesn't bother me, since I'm going to section the ceiling into the room sizes, each having a complimentary color ceiling for that particular room. Flip, Flop, what a lot of work.
That's where I sit and will stay until tomorrow or maybe even until Monday to be positive the varnish is dried solid and nothing else nasty happens. I think I'd break down and cry if one more thing happens to the piece of wood.
It gives me time to come up with color ideas for the 2 bedrooms off this hallway...I have no idea what I want and I should decide soon, if I'm going to do the ceiling. I hate painting upside down.
Until my mind's made up, the door to the room will be kept cats allowed.


smehreen said...

my dog kept stealing my paintbrush and chewing it up...I had to bribe her with a new chew toy...

pets aren't miniature friendly! :(

Kathy Calhoun said...

Our beloved pets have no idea how lucky they are to be alive sometimes. So far, none of my 4 cats have gotten IN the dollhouse, but there is one who likes the front door....the same who ruined my ceiling. But, they are more important to my happiness and I just have to be more alert. If it were a child, I'd probably have MORE problems.