Friday, October 10, 2008

Bits and Pieces plus the Bay

I went to the new Habitat For Humanity store here in Grand Junction. It's a big improvement from the dive they used to have. I found an old bottle of stinky perfume that I threw away, but kept the cap. It'll make a great ceiling lamp fixture for someplece. I haven't decided yet, just put it in the box of things I'm going to use sometime.

I had ordered the laser cut room dividers from Oh, I loved them so!!! but could find no place to put them, so I returned them in exchange for some more French doors, some doorknobs...the Opryland knobs...and a few other things.

I've got the bay for the 2nd floor hall complete and sanded the edges well and spackled the seams so they won't show. Oh, how I love spackling stuff!!!! It should be dry in the morning and I'll sand and paint the inside and out.

My other time spent with the house today was housekeeping. It gets so dusty and I'm trying to keep it and me neat. Easier said than done. That's it for today.

My garden looks good, but I still have good planting time, so I divided some more plants and plan on doing more. It's hard to devide my time between all the things I love to do.

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