Monday, October 13, 2008

Dining Room recap

I know, I said there'd be photos, but the paint's not dry on the trim and I can't glue it wet. I'm working on the trim in the Dining room...baseboard and windows. I'm also diddling around with the stupid back door.

You know, I didn't like the original door, so I bashed the wall to allow for a Houseworks door, which does fit, but the door drags. I'd also added the thin mahogony veneer on that beautiful floor and I need to sand the bottom of the door until it stops dragging. Sand a little, place it in the spot, open the door, say something rude, take it out, sand a little, put it in, open the door, say something rude, on and on. I haven't got it right yet, but it'll be done before bedtime.

I also have a snafu with the "crown moulding". I used a 1" fabric trim, which overlaps where the top of the window trim and bay window trim are and I have to whittle them down to fit in and look nice. It'll work, it'll just take some fussing.

This is the aggravating part of building this beauty...having to tweak things until it works, whether it's bashed or not. You can't get too aggressive with it or it'll be all wrong; it just takes time and....I begin to hate this word...patience.... a virtue not very high up on my ladder. It's such a good feeling when a thing works, but getting there is not always the fun part. Yeah, yeah, memories are made of this, I know, but it just is so time consuming.

The tweaking is where people who don't "mini" don't get it. Too many think that you just glue it on and there you go, but it's more often than not a long process until it's right. So, until tomorrow, when I can just glue it on and there you go..............................

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