Monday, October 27, 2008

Optical Illusions

It is NOT crooked!! Okay, I admit that I cut it a bit crooked, but I have 1/2" trim pieces, top and bottom, that will cover that and it'll work. I have checked with one of those trims and the little gold medallion like thingie on the paper lines up perfectly!! It just LOOKS crooked. However, on Saturday, it really was crooked and I had to pull off the piece of wallpaper from the both walls and replace it. Lucky for me, since this was a printie, I had printed out extra paper, just in case, so I had enough to replace what I removed.( If I'd needed to reprint, I'd have had to install new ink cartridges. )
There I was, one arm through the hallway bay window, the other arm though the French doors, wetting and removing the printie wallpaper. I had used "Zinsser" border adhesive to get them up there and they were a piece of cake to remove them. ( I love Zinsser products. ) Got the wall cleaned up and started over. I measured all the way through the process and realized it's the printie that is crooked....sorry, Jennifer's printables. Once I realized it was not me, I felt so much better and quit cussing.
Because of this little snafu, I had to change my plans of putting up the trim in the hallway and, instead, started painting in the bedrooms. I papered the 2nd bedroom first. This paintable wallpaper dries quicker than the printie wallpaper and I was able to paint almost right away. I had only the inner wall to do and the paint went on easily....True Value's 4oz jar of tester paint. I'm glad I chose this happy yellow, Bee Pollen, as it really does brighten up the room. See where the opening is? Where the room light shines through? That's where part of the roof goes and I'll have to wait until the roof is done to do the crown work. In this room, I have to install the door, transom window ( which I'm working on ), the fireplace, baseboard, and, lastly, the crown moulding. FYI, the door to the very right leads into the library.
Next, I worked on the Master bedroom. This has a 1/2 wall of the paintable wallpaper ( Thanks always, Kim ) The paper takes less paint than the wood, but it's all done now and I can move on to the trim. This paint is also True Value's tester paint, "Nana". The order for this is the door and transom window, the window seat in the tower area, the fireplace..which I'm going to buy instead of build...the baseboard, the chair rail, and the crown moulding. Again, in some places, I'll have to get the roof on first.
I am delighted to be this far and, for the next few days, will be staining, varnishing, and gluing. I have a lot of shopping to do, as I have only small pieces of trim and need the new fireplace. I'm going to attempt the stained glass look in the transom windows and the little oval window in the 2nd bedroom and have some research to do. I'm making the windows from scratch, because of my kit bashing. While I fumble my way though a stained glass look, I'll work on the other trim too.
It's coupon week at Hobby Lobby!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! I'll go get something each morning and send Ed each afternoon. I need a LOT of trim. I'm slow, installing trim, making it as right as I can, especially the crown moulding, but I think this is where being precise really counts and most of what makes the room look so real.
And, while I work on this floor, making it look like a home, I'll be thinking about the 3rd floor, the attic, and trying to figure out how to make it work. I also have to accept that soon, because of the holidays approaching, I'll have to clean and put up for a while, as this little spare room is the only place I have to work with for Christmas boxes. BooHoo.....but I'm a Christmas freak, so the reason is okay with me. I'll use that time down for sanding the millions of trim pieces and roofing that will go on the house.

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