Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cuddle Up By A Fire

These two little darlings are going in the Parlor...the larger will go on the outside left wall ( where I'm blocking up a window ) and the other on the inside wall between the Parlor and the Dining room. I made both from scrap pieces of wood. I'm also working on hearths for them to sit on, but have just started those and it'll be a few days. The concrete fireboxes are printies and the tile is tilepaper glued to wood backing. I will be varnishing both before I attach the hearths to them, but I'm still waiting for the paints and stain to completely dry. The colors are all in the wallpaper and they seem to compliment the room well. Give me a few days and the entire Parlor should be done and ready for a visitor.


smehreen said...

Wow! I love the tiles!

Iris March said...

These are great fireplaces!

Kathy Calhoun said...

Oh, thank you, Iris, for the encouragement. I plan on making all the fireplaces for my Garfield. I used scrap pieces of wood and some already made wood ornaments for them, plus a few printies. I hope, after adding firewood, they look very comfortable to sit in front of on those cold wintry nights.