Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just a Mess on the Second Floor

Oh, everything is all a mess and looks confusing. On the right is the number 2 bedroom with stripe embossed paper on in, floor to ceiling, with 2 coats of "Bee Pollen" paint. On the left is the master bedroom with only one coat of paint in the tower will all be paint in the tower...and the white paper is embossed fleur de lis with no paint papered just to chair rail line. The entire wall, paper and wood will be painted "Nana" and then the chair rail in between. The chair rail will be decorative, but I haven't picked it out. In the middle, is the hallway. See where "Peanuts" in the funny paper is? That's where the inner walls will be. This'll take me another few days to finish up, but I wanted to show you something. Sorry, it's a mess, but...well, you know.
Everything is drying off right now..sticking or the paint drying and I'll just leave it until tomorrow. I have nothing planned for my day, so I should get a lot accomplished. Until later.

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