Thursday, October 23, 2008

Second Floor Progress

The "progress" is v-e-r-y slow. All I've done today is paint the walls, paint the walls, and, then, paint the walls. That's it, except......

I found all the pieces needed to make the window seat, the 3 tower windows, 1 wide window,a fireplace for the Master Bedroom, and the small oval window. The window seat is supposed to have little pieces with decorative tabs punched out. All I can find is one piece so I'll use leftover beadboard for the sides of the window seats. I lucked out, found one already stained and varnished, just have to cut it to size and touch it up. I already have a fireplace that I bought from a friend of mine (Thanks, Mary Jo ) . It's the one we can buy with the green marble. I love the marble and I'm going to clean up/rough up and repaint the mantle and sides and do something different with it.

Tomorrow, once the paint and painted wallpaper are all dry, I'll add the ceiling/3rd story floor and the inner walls to the bedrooms. THAT'S the part that excites me.

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