Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dilly Dally

What we have a failure to communicate!!! 'My bad!!!!!!! Every once in a while, I don't write to those I should...people think I've dropped off the surface of the Earth. I don't e-mail, snail mail, send cards, write in my diaries....I have three....personal, garden, and dollhouse.....I don't call people very often either. No reason, just closed mouth....which my family would say "that's a good thing", since I can be a motormouth at times.
So, to the Garfield. My silence has not meant I'm not working on it, but the work is pretty slow. The life size garden has the priority right now and, boy, does it need hands on in there.
Since seeing what Gina ( More Minis. ) did to the 3rd floor gazebo instead of a tower room, I have wanted to do something very different to the house. Since most of the structure is done, I had to find some place to create a new look. I've chosen the porch roof. To be more specific, there will be NO porch roof, at least, the way it was intended. In the Greenleaf directions, the porch roof is slanted. In the photos above, you see a triangular piece of wood slanted down from the side of the front porch. It is to hold the roof in place. Well, I cut it off...flat against the walls. I am not going to have a slanted roof on the will be flat, with railing all around the perimeter of the porch. It will resemble a "Widow's Walk", though it is too low to be have that purpose.
I have taken the wood pieces to the roof and filled in the tabs with spackle and sanded them flat. I will paint the top of that wood the same brown I am using in the trim pieces and the underside ceiling of the porch a creamy color, yet to be picked out. In fact, all my basic house colors need to be picked out.
I have a "what to do first?" list:
1. Finish the siding
2. Paint the exterior
3. Paint the porch floor, ceiling, roof
4. Prepare the porch trim pieces-sanding, dry fitting, painting
5. Install the 3 doors- the front door, the side door, and the 2nd floor doors
6. Get the exterior windows ready
7. Place the stone on the tower-I'm practicing on a scrap piece of wood and I still need more practice
8. Prepare corner trim pieces and trim to go under the roof of the porch ( like a cornice, but a flat piece )
9. I KNOW I've missed something
I'll try to be more talkative from now on...kick me if I take too long.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

missed you!

cousin Deb said...

Glad your're blogging again!

Sans said...

Hi Kathy, a lot has been done to your Manor! Whereas I have yet to even start on my termite house!

Gina said...

OMG, the colors, the beautiful door. Your house is turning out gorgeous. I love your color scheme, its stunning and so many pretty details. Im really enjoying this build.

Kathy Calhoun said...

Thank you, my friends. I still am spending a lot of time in my garden, but Garfield is not being ignores.

Gina, the dark brown and the "Victorian Blue" will be the accent colors..I've yet to choose the pale tans for the house. I'm pulling colors from an old vase I found in a yardsale.

You leave me such kind nice.

The Carolina Quilter said...

That's fine, Kathy, I have done the same thing and our yard and garden have needed major work and the weeds and grass in the garden are about to take over despite our efforts. This is our first year for a vegetable garden so we're hoping it will be better next year.

I have finally gotten Joanna's Farmhouse kit out of the box and officially begun! That's a major accomplishment for me.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Tiffany said...

Hi Kathy,

Hope all is well. I know about busy! I've left an award for you on my blog. Come pick it up when you have a chance.

Judy said...

Let me like to watch 'Ernest Saves Christmas'!

budget dollhouse kit said...
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