Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Award Plus A Shopping Mania

I have been "Illuminated" by Tiffany at . How sweet, Tiffany!! I thank you so much. I do have some guilt accepting the award, since I haven't done all that much on The Garfield Manor in the last couple of months. My garden continues to scream bloody murder for me to work on it and my husband is literally falling down and needs more attention lately. I will humbly accept the award and will "illuminate" ALL others as I have in the past. I cannot pick just one, or four, or however many it is I should illuminate.....they are ALL my favorites; I find myself reading from one to another in no particular order, enjoying each one in it's own right. I have never been so fascinated with so much talent as I have after discovering blogging. Please, everyone, give yourselves big pats on the backs and sing "This Little Light Of Mine" over and over.
SHOPPING MANIA..............I do hope everyone knows that Hobby Lobby has miniature everything 1/2 off. If you're just now learning, you still have 3 days. Hopefully, you won't have people like me, waiting in the parking lot first thing this past Monday morning, for the doors to open. Since there has been no real sighting here in Grand Junction of other miniaturists, I feel no guilt in the 2 large bags of things. I bought 3 packs of small corner trim, 10 pair louvered shutters, 2 Tiffany table lamps, 3 packs books that I'll add titles to later, 2 3- candle sconces, 4 pairs Victorian doorknobs/keys, 2 tulip chandeliers, 3 tulip ceiling light, 2 tulip wall sconces, 2 round hanging ceiling lamps, more baseboard, plank flooring, and a floor globe. All of that feels like a great BIG, happy bargain at $150 ( normally $300 ). WWWHHHEEEEEE.
PSST! Don't tell my husband!!! I want him to know that Spam and wieners are gourmet foods.
I am going back tomorrow to see if anything is left that I want to bring home or will need sometime in the next few months. I had left some books, more trim, a few chandeliers and lamps, more candles, and an old looking Singer sewing machine that I think I want. Maybe, having all this will be the kick in the butt I need to pay more attention to Garfield. Well, the temps have made it into the 90's now and I won't be going out to sweat in the lily patch as frequently, so I'll have time to build on my dream.
Tiffany, again, thank you. You've sent me smiles and I truly appreciate it.

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Tiffany said...

You are welcome! And you do deserve it. Just enjoy it. :)